My name is Nastya, I live in UK. I don't want to bore you so yeah Enjoy my blog :D btw: i'm new so yeah Byeeee 21/09/11 Britney Followed me 17:06pm UK Time Awesome People Online

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Favorite Celebs 

(in order)

  1. Britney Spears
  2. Paris Jackson
  3. Shane Dawson
  4. Selena Gomez
  5. Miley Cyrus (i post her stuff on my other blog ‘angelcyrus
  6. Michael Jackson

Got disabled on FB… For a fake name. DO U F*ING KNOW HOW MUCH THAT FB MEANED TO ME, FB TEAM?????? 

what if it was my real name tho? i had my real name for the first name then Jackson for the last name…. there r ppl with jackson as their lastname and not actually related to jackson family…..

what if paris’ fans thought i was paris and reported me like they do to real paris?

pissed .

AWW! Paris awnsered a question on FB ‘If some celeberity was alive, which one would you choose?’ Paris picked ‘Michael Jackson’ !!!! Too cute! 

Prince, Paris, Blanket in an Amusement Park in Germany

0:20 Prince shout’s ‘OH SHIT’ haha <3

I asked my crush if he likes Michael Jackson… He said ‘He’s dead’ that means he doesnt like him… 

i’m going to make gif’s after school using this video

PPB and their Family in Montreal post

pt. 1 to be continued… if needed

Prince,Paris,Jackson Find out about MJ's death 

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